a place to rent

Are you looking for a place to rent? Maybe we can help you. We’ve got a variety of houses and apartments for you to choose from.

Important! To qualify for one of our rental houses or apartments you have to meet the following criteria which are imposed by almost all our clients.


  • Your gross monthly income has to be 4 x the monthly rent (3,5 x is negotiable). Holiday pay and fixed supplements are included.
  •  Your partner’s income is counted for a third. If you both receive old-age benefits (AOW), both incomes are counted for 100%.
  • You must have an employment contract for at least a year. Zero-hour-contracts and contracts with employment agencies are not valid. Outsourcing contracts will be assessed by its conditions.
  • Suppose all beforementioned criteria do not apply to you, but you do own equity equal to or over € 10.000,–? Then this equity is counted, but in addition to this you should always have a steady income.

Suppose you do not completely meet our income standard (f.e. your gross monthly income is only 3,5 x the monthly rent) it is still possible to rent the property you are interested in under the condition of a deposit or bank guarantee. If you earn less than 3,5 x the monthly rent, we are sorry to tell you that you cannot rent via Van der Krabben Real Estate Agency. Your registration will not be processed and the documents you sent us will be destroyed.